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Living In Southwestern Ontario

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Living in Southwest Ontario
Southwest Ontario's life differs greatly from living in northern parts of the province in nearly every aspect. From climate to culture, and even population density. Southwest Ontario occupies the majority of the Ontario Peninsula. Surrounded by Lake Huron, Georgian Bay, St. Clair River, Lake St. Clair, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie it should come as no surprise that the residents enjoy many water-based activities.
If you’re searching for a more mild climate with warm summers, and cold winters without all of the snow, Southwest Ontario is the perfect place. Enjoy warm summers that seem to extend well into the fall followed by cold winters with significantly less snowfall than other parts of the province.
This area is known for its industrial development and the local economy is fueled by agricultural activity, parts, and automotive manufacturing as well as high-tech manufacturing. A close relationship with Michigan state also plays a vital role in the economy.
Southwest Ontario shares the same latitude as northern California’s and France’s wine region, as a result, you’ll find a large number of vineyards.


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